Cult Classic Goods Fall 2013 Visual / ATL Lookbook

Next Friday 10/25 we will be dropping our "Concrete Alibi" collection only at Corsa at 535 South St in Philadelphia.  The collection consists of our classic “basic banner” tees in previously unreleased colorways, new hats and accessories, and the focal point of the release: three photographic tees with photography shot by Cult Classic depicting individuals in “alibi” acts.  So come to the release party, grab a piece, and enjoy free drinks and music with us from 6:30-10pm on 10/25.  More info on the release party coming soon.

In the meantime peep the threads below in our ATL visual and lookbook featuring homies we linked up with in Atlanta including some of the Two-9 crew:

Shot & directed by Kira Klein and Yinka Soda

Song: Curtis Williams - Face it

Credits freestyle by Feese

Click the pics to scroll the photo lookbook: