The Art of Conversation

For generations the art of conversation has been passed down. But as we induct the new technological advances and social forums of today into our daily routines, are we letting artistry dwindle down the drain? With platforms like Twitter and Instagram being prevalent ways to speak to the masses, face to face communication is being put to the side. We are trading communication in for perceived "connection."  We've all sat in a room full of "friends" and looked around only to see every person staring at their digital devices, tapping away frantically.  When I say communication here I am referring to not only the spoken word, but that of the music and visual nature as well. Are these things being hindered by our overpowering wants and fast-paced consumerism? In our social media-obsessed society you can make a million different connections with people from all edges of the globe, but in order to strengthen that relationship, your communication skills must be intact as well. What good is any relationship if you don't even know how to talk to someone?