The Art of Playing Cards with Graphic Designer Katie Haire

Playing cards have a cult-like status with a rich history many might not be familiar with.  Originating in China in the 9th century and evolving into the traditional playing cards of today, playing cards have been a staple form of entertainment for different cultures and societies around the world. The tradition of four suits with 10 number cards and face cards originated with the Mameluke deck all the way back around the 14th century.  

Below we've got a custom made deck by graphic designer and Cult Classic Goods collaborator Katie Haire.  She pays homage to decks of old by including four colors in her deck as opposed to the traditional and modern 2-colorway decks.  Check out her deck below, and if you're in need of some graphic design work, don't hesitate to hit up this awesome Philly artist at

Written by Joe Pitts