Presenting: Rolling Stoned [a new series]

New Cult Classic contributor Steelo will be starting his own sporadic series about his experiences biking in the city of Philadelphia and beyond. Peep the series introduction below and expect updates in the future here on the Cult Classic Good News blog:


Rolling Stoned:

An Introduction

            In the 7 years I’ve been in Philly, my opinion on bicycles has come full circle. Being from the suburbs of New Jersey, the concept of cycling was always pretty foreign. The only people I ever saw riding were old dudes in spandex, Mexicans, or crack heads on noticeably stolen little girls’ bikes. I had ridden a BMX jawn like every other little boy in the world, but stopped once I got too cool and/or started smoking weed; whichever came first. Once I started driving at the crisp age of 17, I developed a hatred for anyone on a bicycle sharing the same road as me. What the fuck is the hold up?! Fuck these idiots and their slow ass bullshit…and then there was Philadelphia.

            I moved out to Philly when I turned 18, mainly to go to the soul sucking institution known as art school. It’s honestly pretty cheap here, but I’ve always been sort of bougie and needed to find a real spot to live. So, found a couple shitty food jobs and started life as a slave to the restaurant industry. I rapidly found out that no one in the industry gives a fuck why you’re 2 minutes late, regardless if you’re a struggling student walking, sometimes running, to all parts of the city just to make ends meet, all while gaining a college education.

Eventually, I realized riding a bike would be the only logical way to get around. But, could I even still ride a bike? It’d been about 10 years. Would I end up dead on the street or a vegetable? Riding in the city always seemed reckless and up until that moment, I hadn’t given a fuck about anyone on the road other than myself. So, why would anyone else? And a lot of the time, most people actually don’t.

Fast forward 5-6 years to the present, bicycles have become a full blown obsession for me. I’ve clawed my way into the mechanic world of cycling, dove head first into racing, and am now running 2 group rides and 1 race series. I’m obsessed with the sport/hobby/lifestyle in all aspects and am generally interested in most bicycles I come across nowadays.

But, at the end of the day, I really just love the way I live. I ride bikes, I fix bikes, I party, and I do it often. But if I’m just doing it alone all the time, I imagine it’ll get pretty sad, pretty fast. Thus, I give you Rolling Stoned: a sporadic series based around cycling, anywhere I can get to. In a perfect world, it will basically be a traveling group ride party that turns itself into a read worthy article about the places we live in, the way we ride in them, and ,if nothing else, having fun doing what we love.




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