Birthdays was the Worst Days Now We Sip...

Some Churches are built by the hands of men and others are constructed by the power of Gods. Last Friday The Decades Hat Co, Cult Classic Goods, DJ SYLO, and Roxy Cottontail christened the night with a wild and free party at the new dope spot The Saint, and it was indicative of the Philly music and fashion scene right now: fun, innovative, unpredictable, and filled with too much eye candy to handle. The party was a who's who of Philly talent featuring the likes of local artist Dessie Jackson, the coolest painter and gangster I've ever met, the ultimate taste-maker Skillit, a truly original Philly streetwear guru, striking music curators Ghostpvnch and Baby Eagle, Nancy of Osky, the whole DBNR clique, and the lovely ladies of both the hottest girl-run party crew in the city, Factory Girls, and the dopest jewelry and fashion storefront, Ritual Ritual.  Not to mention the rest of the crowd which comprised of people wanting to get straight fucked up and laid at the end of the night if they were so lucky (we have a feeling many were). The party was also a celebration for something very personal to me: my goddamn birthday. That being said this bitch was epic beyond belief: the edibles provided by MileHighTek of the Mile High Mafia and the music provided by the DJs made the party feel like it may as well have been a scene straight out of Leonardo's fucked up and wild mind in The Wolf of Wall Street. Honestly, there was nothing that went wrong that night; well, other than the bartender cutting me off and me throwing up at the airport before I hopped on a plane to Charlotte, North Carolina at 5 in the morning. But hey, if you don’t believe me then check out the pictures captured by the homie Yinka Soda below, and if you don’t believe in yourself then you may as well exit life for being a lame and a dork on the road to heaven.

Click the pic below to relive the party:

written by Anthony Coleman of Cult Classic & Quite Hype