What Scene? + Lust Liberty Present: Hamsterdam (A Recap)

Few events develop a special mystique around them: a feeling or aura if you will of intrigue, excitement, and widespread collaboration among young influencers in a city increasingly becoming a central hub for innovative art, music, and fashion. Just appreciate the attention Philadelphia has been getting lately in the blogosphere: local rappers, fashion brands, and artists have all been recently infiltrating their way into blog-circles previously closed to those not inside the traditional NY/LA pipeline. We believe this trend  of Philly breaking through will continue especially as more dope events litter the art and music scene in the city's already packed to-do list.

Last week on Saturday 4/19 into Sunday 4/20 local planners What Scene? and Lust Liberty demonstrated the power of collaboration in crafting a truly unique experience for fans and behind-the-scene folk alike: Hamsterdam. Those hip to the burgeoning Philly art scene may remember last year's scaled-down Hamsterdam at the now defunct House of Hayes venue, but this year's edition displayed just how far the creative forces in the city have come: beautiful colored tapestry adorned the ceiling decorations, a chicken & waffle bar kept munchy-hungry guests fed, a VIP hookah lounge entertained special guests, a series of vendors showcased their unique pieces for all to purchase, and of course the main stage garnered the most attention with performers like DJ SYLO, DJ Diamond Kuts, Theodore Grams, Asaad, Lil Uzi Vert, The Bakery Boys, Virgil Abloh, and more.

The event was quite literally a circus: fire dancers and hoop girls coalesced with the hip hop-centric crowd for a beautiful mix of cultures. The venue itself was nothing to scoff at either. The large space located on the second floor of a Kenso/Port Richmond warehouse is not exactly a destination in Philly in terms of logistics and geographic location, but the event promoters sure had no problem packing out the gigantic space. Event-goers had no lack of stimulation with all the various aspects of the party to keep them occupied with good music and better weed being at the center of the night. The crowd could be called a neo-Woodstock hip hop mashup of artistic types and hippie-esque individuals all friendly enough to pass both the literal and proverbial joint, a quality often lacking in a city traditionally known for having a hardened exterior and even colder inhabitants.

All in all the Hamsterdam event could only be considered a success. Save for a few small kinks (can we get the lights turned down next time please?) the 4/20 event was a shining beacon of what's to come in a city with no lack of creative minds increasingly finding ways to join efforts in order to truly elevate everyone involved in it.

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Written by Joe Pitts