This is Why We Do This Shit (A Three for 3 Recap)

Support. You hear that word around here a lot. Where is here? Philadelphia. More specifically, the scene/community that has developed over the last few years as a result of emerging trends and innovators of music, fashion, and art. That intangible I-can't-describe-it-but-I-know-it-when-I-see-it vibe that fills the popular go-to Philly hangouts for our generation of tastemakers and entrepreneurs.

Anyway, back to this idea of support.  What does it mean? According to the Oxford dictionary, 'support' is "the action or an act of helping a person or thing to hold firm or not to give way; provision of assistance or backing." As the Cult Classic brand and related ventures have grown, I've seen increased support for the things I do. Likewise, as friends and associates have continued to cultivate their own artistic visions, they too have seen an increase in support from the community around them. It's some form of synergistic effect where we're bouncing off each other, sharing resources, ideas, connections, and other platforms with one another. It's a really cool thing.

But I'm a critical person, and I want better. Better for myself, my friends, and my community. What does better mean to me? Stogies on super-sized yachts and complimentary lobster tail taste-testings. Prime rib on platinum plates. Big ass bottles of Spade. Every night. No more Fritos and Funyuns for breakfast. No more wrinkles in my shirts and no more wrinkles on my bills. I'm talking straight crispy cash. The kind that sticks together and makes the sweet sound of separation when you pull the paper apart.

Dirty Vans will always be steezy to me, but I want a closet full of classic Reeboks. I want to wake up and spend 2 hours browsing my back-logged collection of complimentary pieces custom-made just for me. I had a teacher in sixth grade who never wore the same outfit twice in her 25 years of teaching. That woman knows.

I don't want these things just for myself. If I win, we all win. Who's we? The motherfuckers who get it. The kids who realize we're all in this to get up and get out and put this city on the goddamn map. Look, there's many ways to go about winning. Some entrepreneurs are more individualistic in their endeavors, and that's cool. But that's not for me. I believe in justice, and it just wouldn't be right if everyone who's doing cool shit right now wasn't able to continue that emergence well into our later years full of dentures and tennis ball-tipped walkers. And I say this even about the fuckers I don't like personally. I'll work with anybody. If you're doing cool shit, I want to work with you. And you should want to work with me. The ones who get that are the ones who are really going to win. The ones who can put the bullshit aside and really make shit happen are going to be remembered. I want to be remembered. I want us all to be asked to be interviewed when we're 50+ about the shit that was going on in Philly in the 2010s. They'll ask, "was there something in the water?". And we'll respond, "No. We were just some cool kids doing some really cool shit, and when the world caught on, well, the rest was history."


This is why we do this shit. This is what Three for 3 is all about: establishing a platform for the dope people in this city to get the shine they deserve. If last week's Three for 3 was any indication of where things are headed for our community, we're in good shape. Aside from a few knuckleheads who still think it's cool to sneak into a $3 show (which, btw, effectively sends the message of "fuck you" to your fellow artists you claim to support), things are moving in a positive direction. The energy at the fire was palpable, and there was a real sense of everyone supporting one another. Each artist had a crowd and no one was "too cool" to not stick around for each artist regardless of how anticipated or not they were.

DJ YS provided the music for the night, and his taste was straight on point.  Yatt Bully set off the show right with a dope performance bringing up his fellow EBN homies. Following him was the Gwappy Boyz who were entertaining and really, really turnt up on stage. Their best quality is their unpredictability and the showering of roses into the crowd illustrated exactly that. Next up was Matt Ford who is one of the more solid live performers this city has churned out in recent years. Finally the show ended with a short surprise set by Dogtown's Theodore Grams. The energy was live, and the show couldn't have ended off on a better note. Free Cult Classic gear was thrown out into the crowd, and that shit was a wrap.

Peep pics from the gig below and catch the next Three for 3 June 1st at 7pm only @ The Fire.  And remember, support the fuck out of one another cuz that's the only way.

More photos available at



Andrea Valle May 24th @ Sundrop Music Festival

Zah Garner June 7th @ PhilaMOCA 

Lavy Presents: HoodHop @ The Barbary June 26th 


Written by Joe Pitts, Co-founder and Co-owner of Cult Classic & Quite Hype Records