Bukowski: Born into This (2003)

    Written by Sam Haine


     It’s a typical morning consisting of drinking and writing. The past week I’ve been on a Bukowski binge. So far, I’ve reviewed Barfly for my monthly movie column and watched Factotum for the 5th time since the first time. 

     Both films are great experiences and capture the essence of what it is to be among the elite of us drunken losers. Not the happy hour, happy go lucky, crowd consisting of college tards, hipsters, jerk offs and the occasional gaggle of teachers buying up rounds of shit beer and huddled up in the bathroom stalls bumping cocaine. I mean the real residents of your local hole in the wall: the barstool philosophers, the haggard beauty queens, the irresponsible, the lost, the forgotten and the in-betweens.

-Cracking open another Modelo

     Too many people clutter their lives with aesthetics and superficial junk. They engage in tired social rituals and take no enjoyment or pleasure from their day to day lives. They just are.
The drunk doesn’t waste any time with nonsense. The drunk gets up and looks at the sun and the blue sky and thinks, you know what’ll start the day right? Then the rest of the day evolves into, where to get it and let it ride out. The bar isn’t a place for beer pong or shitty nineties karaoke. If you get there at the right time, it’s a hall of iniquity and refuge for the scarred. Each character tells a story of loss, fame, delusions, hope, pessimism defeat and, “I don’t know that broad was looking at me funny.”In our world of wolves and men, the drunk is the fool who exists in both worlds.

    -Halfway through my tall can of Chelada

    Charles Bukowski is one of the most honest and sincere writers of the past century. He lived the life he wrote about and never apologized for it. In 1986 Time magazine named him a “laureate of the lowlife”. Adam Kirsch of The New Yorker wrote, “The secret of Bukowski’s appeal… is that he combines the confessional poet’s promise of intimacy with the larger than life aplomb of a pulp-fiction here.” Bukowski wrote thousands of poems, hundreds of short stories, six novels. And he made his money while he was alive; a rarity since most writers of his fame never see their own success. He wrote; he drank; he fucked; he pissed standing up.

    Born Into Thisis a 2003 documenting his life and features contributions from Sean Penn, Tom Waits, Harry Dean Stanton and Bono. It’s worth anybody’s attention and worthy a toast. 

MOVIE LINK: http://youtu.be/jRgtfKX2ST