Suge Knight is a Piece of Shit: A Look at the Mogul's Violent History

So, the Death Row Records co-founder was just arrested for murder in a hit-and-run and this clearly startling accusation made us curious about the rap mogul's criminal history. What we found is shocking if you know absolutely nothing about the pleasant man:

1987: Knight pleads guilty to assault with a deadly weapon (probation) 

1990: Knight pleads guilty to battery and later no contest to another (probation)  

1992: Knight convicted on assault and weapons charges (probation) 

1996: Knight violates probation after he was found with a group of men assaulting another male (sentenced to 9 years in prison but only spent 5 being released in 2001) 

2002: Knight arrested for parole violation: associating with gang members (2 months in jail) 

2003: Knight arrested for assaulting a parking lot employee in LA (10 months sentence)

2008: Knight arrested on drug and assault charges at a Las Vegas strip club, accused of beating his girlfriend. Shortly after his girlfriend at the time, Melissa Isaac, went mysteriously missing and has not been found. All charges against Knight were later dropped due to lack of evidence and witness cooperation problems

2014: Knight arrested with comedian Katt Williams after allegedly snatching a camera from a female paparazzi

Will the fact that Knight probably just KILLED a guy over an argument finally put away this upstanding citizen for good?

Written by Joe Pitts