Blends, Beats, Bars and Bumping House: Listen to Quite Hype's New Mix "Fit for the Rub pt. II"

-Joe Pitts (@headtowall)

There is perhaps one quality that separates musicians from one another more than any other, and that's their style. Give Prince and Pete Townshend the same backing track to play over and you can bet you'll be delivered two entirely different guitar-part packages. For disc jockeys, their song selection--and how they play them--is tantamount to their style.

When Anthony Coleman aka Quite Hype told me he wanted to start DJing and producing a year ago, I was curious to see how this project would enfold: what style would he adopt? What would his song selection be like? Shit, would I like it?

Well, one year later the Jersey-native DJ has delivered a new sonic session dubbed Fit for the Rub pt. II, and we finally have a proper introduction to what Quite Hype is all about. The style on display in this 25 minute mix is two-fold: Quite Hype's music method revolves around 1) eclectically dope song selection and 2) a style of blending that treats us listeners to a unique meshing of next season's hottest rap bangers with some seriously bumping house records. The live blending techniques featured in this mix makes new music out of records from distinct sonic spectra and creates a living, breathing ambiance only really possible with a spinning style that stresses off-the-top creation. For me, this approaching-improv style is welcome in a world of robotic Soundcloud DJs whose uploads sound so in sync, I find myself wondering if their mixes are the type the Terminator would make if he had time with turntables.

Featuring original tracks from rising hip hop artists like Key!, Lil Uzi Vert, Two-9, Shy Glizzy, Brodinski and Miles Chancellor, the mix is a go-to for who's buzzing in the game right now. With these tracks paired next to--and on top of--fresh house sounds, Fit for the Rub pt. II leaves us with a modern mix that's all quite hype.  So throw it on at the crib. Play it at the party. Hell, pop it on at family dinner: thanks to the mix's unique juxtapositions and soulful, groovy foundations, you just might have mom singing along to Lil Uzi's "oh god damn that's the bitch that I want".