Ronnie Riggles Takes Us Back to Class with Prep School Negro

-Joe Pitts (@headtowall)

Some would say the archetype for the North Philly rapper is already set in stone: hardened, fierce and a focus on the struggle. But enter Ronnie Riggles and the Philadelphia rapper will paint a new picture for you. With lyrical focus on uplifting attitudes and empowerment, Ronnie represents a new generation of creative musicians yearning for something more. His debut project Prep School Negro is a 9-song sprawling affair through atmospheric hip hop with influences from Kid Cudi to Chance the Rapper and a slew of excellent features from some of Philly’s rising stars. The record starts off with the focused ‘Catharsis’ including ambient textures and modern and soulful trap-rap sounds. After the intro track things begin to amp up heavy as Ronnie hands over the mic to fellow emerging area artists Tierra Whack, Marquise Miles and Dogtown’s Theodore Grams.

The tracks sway from excited vibes to relaxed introspection and back again. While the project is definitely a roller coaster ride switching sounds from song-to-song, the varied textures make for a truly interesting debut project. Keep an eye open for Ronnie Riggles as he continues his artistic experimentation and don’t miss his free Prep School Negro Release Party this Thursday, December 17th at the Clhubhouse at 1014 N. Marshall St. Philadelphia, PA from 6-9PM. Peep the visual for “Othello” below too: