The Spotlight on Philly Continues to Grow with Theodore Grams - "Reckless" (Prod. Noah Breakfast & Subglo)

-Joe Pitts (@headtowall)

As alluded to with our recap of Friday’s My Frame of Mind party, the Philly hip hop and art communities are poised to have a great year. There is perhaps no better representative of the Philly creative class than Germantown Philadelphia musician Theodore Grams. He teased us with “Dogtown”, an ode to his admittedly rough area of the city. He displayed a glimpse of his vision with the Asaad-featured “The City’s Ours Now”. And then he gave us the first street single off his upcoming Sixtus II project “$$$” wherein he articulates an untamable drive for success; success not only for the self but his entire family of friends and like-minded creatives. In the underdog city of supposed-brotherly love where passion can turn eager minds against one another, Philadelphia native Grams is attempting no small task. 

Jump to 2015 and we now have the next chapter in the story: Theodore’s “Reckless” produced by Rare MP3’s Noah Breakfast and Subglo. The synth-driven beat with a xylophone-type melody starts out chill, but the heavy snare percussion give it some hyper-flare. Grams' message on the track is, in so many words, for everyone to get their shit together. In the internet era where anyone can pick up a microphone or pump out a few graphic tees, the message is needed: leave the dream to those who are prepared to do anything to obtain it. Peep the record below and look out for Grams’ visual for ‘$$$’ dropping very soon with the full Sixtus II project coming shortly thereafter: 

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