From Sneakers to Visuals: Artist Jvchnel Tells Us About Her Designs

-Joe Pitts (@headtowall)

I got to interview multimedia artist Jvchnel who I noticed was making some pretty cool custom sneakers. Check them out below (and some nice top pieces too):

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Hey Jvchnel, tell us about yourself. Where are you from? What got you interested in art and design?

Well my name is Janell I was born in Philadelphia but I've lived in Delaware most of my life. Art has always been in my life ever since I was as young as 7 years old I would spend hours on hours drawing my favorite cartoons. It's just a true passion for me honestly and I have a natural gift for it so it just makes it all the more enjoyable for me. I find that the ability to create any reality or even design you want is a powerful thing, which is why I have been bringing it to shoes and clothing. I see its becoming more noticed now too, custom clothing and shoes. Its really resourceful when you think about it, If I can't find clothing or a pair of shoes anywhere in stores or online I'll just make them myself. 

You mentioned shoes and clothing. Tell us what you're interested in making:

I make and do a lot lol. I just recently got into custom clothing and of course shoes which is cool. I went to canvas and painting which I never really done before but it kind of goes hand-in-hand with painting shoes. I love sketchbook and drawing in general and from that I translate to things like illustrator and photoshop. Along with all of this I love photography and videography as well. There was a time when I focused more on photography than drawing and self-taught myself that as well. Now its like I can paint a pair of shoes, have a photoshoot and make a video all by myself lol. It may be a lot on me but like I said I just love visual art. 

What do you hope to accomplish with your art? 

I want my art to take me places I love to travel and connect with new people. It'd be cool to use my art as a vessel to get me around the globe. I wanna go all over, especially Japan and Brazil.

Do you do custom orders for your sneaker designs?

At the moment I'm open to it. If you talk with me and I dig your idea for the design, depending on the shoe we can definitely work something out I'm always open to ideas and such.

Any last words?

Yes, big bigggg thank you to everyone who has supported me or has a pair of my kicks I really do appreciate the love and encouragement I've gotten all over. My year has started out great and I'm working on a lot more including a website and art show. So thank you and be on the look out for new cool stuff.


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