[Fashion] New York Trade Show Recap Part 1: Agenda

Written by Joe Pitts

Two weeks ago I got invited to attend some fashion trade shows in New York with my good friends at The Decades. The experience showed me how the trade show circuits work and just how critical they can be for growing a brand. These shows are a way for designers and brands to showcase their pieces in person which makes for a great way to connect with and to establish rapport with buyers and stores who might be interested in carrying your stuff. And from a creative standpoint, I got to learn about some really cool brands who inspired me as I work on pieces for the Cult Classic brand’s upcoming collections. And because I got to see some pretty cool gear, I put together this recap of some brands I think you all need to hear about as we step into a new year of fashion trends which will, hopefully, be better than some ongoing stale styles. During the trip we attended three shows: Agenda, Project, and Capsule, so I’m going to list my three favorite brands from each show and share some of my favorite pieces by them. We’ll start with the first on the list, Agenda:

While Agenda, the preeminent New York streetwear trade show, had some definite heavy-hitters with quality stuff (10Deep, Herschel, Burton, Rocksmith, and Mitchell & Ness all had good booths), I’m going to focus on some perhaps lesser known brands.

1. Komono

Komono is predominantly a watch and sunglass brand, and I found some of their watches to be pretty sleek. The styles range from clean and minimalist to colorful and a little off-center. Check out some of my favorites below (click to scroll):

2. Profound Aesthetic

Profound Aesthetic is a NYC based lifestyle brand with a clean look. They had some slick hats at their booth which I can't seem to find on their website right now, but some of their tops are really clean. Pay attention to the raw-cut pieces from their recent Unsung Heroes collection as their design is pretty cool:

3. The Decades

It's hard not to come off like I am completely biased, but I wasn't the only one who thought the Decades had the best booth at Agenda. Multiple buyers and press came up to their booth throughout the event explaining how quite simply, the Decades held it down the hardest. The star of the show was the sample of their upcoming Anorak windbreaker. Not to mention, of course, their quality line of hats and other clothing. If you're in Philly this Friday, make sure you check out their Pop-Up Shop with Najeeb Sheikh at Agora on 2nd street in Northern Liberties:

Stay tuned for part 2 of our New York Trade Show Weekend Recap coming soon where we venture to Project followed by part 3 where we review Capsule