How Culture Can Prevent You from Knowing Your True Self with Latrice Taú

How Culture Can Prevent You from Knowing Your True Self is a series of interviews  with artists from all over the globe about their experience with Mindfulness, Meditation, How music influences and effects behaviors relating to the Subconscious Mind vs Conscious Mind; How culture can limit ones expression.

1st Interview--
Latrice Taú
Long Island, NY

Who are you?

LT: I am an energy. A force you'll meet when it's time..

What do you do?

LT: I'm an entertainer. I entertain people..

Does Music Influence and Effect Behaviors Relating to "Subconscious Mind vs Conscious Mind"? If so, How?
LT: Yes,  because music hits the subconscious mind before you are CONSCIOUS of it!! It influences behavior because music is very very spiritual, whether people want to believe it or not depends on them. It all depends on your maturity as a Human Being. 

What is your Experience with Meditation?

LT: ..basically my experience with meditation has been a really positive one. in religion they teach you to rely on only one source, God/Creator/Higher Power (whatever you want to call it).. in meditation I focus on just letting my mind be still. it's helped me find a higher sense of my own self.. stay positive through challenging seasons of my life.. physically stronger, emotionally, and just stronger overall

Why is Meditation important?

LT: to get a sense of self.. once you get a sense of self everything starts to fall in line and it becomes easier to detect other peoples energies.. once your open to what is around you whether it be positive or negative, you can adjust your life accordingly

Why do you think so many people overlook it and write it off as some sort of "cheesy-spiritual-hoopla"?

LT: because its not instant gratification.  - its not instantaneous, you have to shamble, you have to be ready, that's the BEST thing about meditation!! you have to just keep going-- that's why they overlook it --- its something that sustains you and people don't have the time or patience

How can Culture Limit ones Expression, Imagination, Creativity?

LT: by not feeding your mind/soul..  ya'know?.. like allowing yourself to just be consumed by whatever the fads are, whatever the trends are or whats popular.. figuring out who you are first is a great way to increase expression, creativity

What are your thoughts on the word "Inter-dependence"?

LT: "I think that it's needed, if we all came together more often for a genuine purpose and stopped worrying about things that have no effect on your sustainability we'd be better off. However, the power comes from the inside out so work on you first. "

What are your goals, intentions or achievements you hope to accomplish in this lifetime?

LT: My personal goal is to become more knowledgeable everyday and continue to grow spiritually. My global goal is to help bring spirituality to every part of the world, using the gifts God gave me and to have endless fun in the process. 

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