[4.17.15 Event] Cult Classified: Why We Don’t Want You Pulling Out Your Cell Phone at Our Next Party

-Joe Pitts (@headtowall)


“What did you say?” I asked as I forced my eyes away from my Instagram feed to hop back into the conversation. “I have to stop doing this,” I thought to myself. There I was staring my two business partners dead in the face, and I had absolutely no fucking idea what they were talking about. Why? I was too busy scrolling through pictures of Kim Kardashian’s head photoshopped on top of Draco Malfoy’s body.

 Oh internet, you're so clever

Oh internet, you're so clever

We’ve all been there: nose deep in our phones while the world in front of us passes us by. The social media age has led us to develop the complex where we are more concerned with the digital world than the one we actually live in; too busy posting updates than enjoying the moment. We want to know what everyone else is doing all of the time with little regard for our actual present.  Brand New’s Jessie Lacey said it best in their introspective hit Jesus Christ: “Do you believe you’re missing out and everything good is happening somewhere else?” The ever-felt FOMO or Fear of Missing Out. Simply, we lost touch with how to enjoy the moment.  

We at Cult Classic have been thinking hard about this issue our generation has. With the recent rise of unplugged parties, the opening of a new Chicago bar with a no cell phone policy, and the legendary status of German’s underground no photography techno fetish haven Berghain, we think it’s time to bring that same experience to Philadelphia. Introducing Cult Classified: a disconnected affair. For one night disconnect yourselves from the digital media realm and get connected with the fantastic world right in front of you. 

For Cult Classified we are asking that when you enter our party, you leave your cell phone in your pocket. Our only rule is that you enjoy the moment; enjoy the now. By forcing everyone to interact with one another, we can all embrace a culture of carefree fun and dancing, allowing everyone to truly enjoy themselves with no inhibitions. Worried about busting a move and risking looking like a fool on Vine tomorrow? No worries because there won’t be any footage. No recaps. No photos. No mid-party subtweets from across the room. Nothing but true fun like how parties used to be: just ask Kid n’ Play.

 Parties back in the day forced you to  interact  with one another because it's all we had. No iPhones, Instagram or digital cameras...

Parties back in the day forced you to interact with one another because it's all we had. No iPhones, Instagram or digital cameras...

Have to use your phone to make an important call? Please excuse yourself and head to the lobby to do so. That’s all we ask. We’ll make sure you have a good time in the main party room. Trust us, we’ve been throwing wild parties for 2 and a half years, so we’ve got you covered on the fun part. Don’t believe us? Take a peep at our most recent loft party from last month and we hope you will appreciate how serious we are about curating a truly memorable time for our guests:

Cult Classified is for everyone from the street kids to the dance music aficionados and all in between. Speaking of music, we will be handpicking a select few of talented dance music DJs (with some very special guests) for Cult Classified.  As always with Cult Classic parties, you can expect the very best breaking underground club music, house bangers and emerging hip hop all under one roof.

And good music isn’t the only thing you can expect on April 17th. We will also be celebrating our co-owner and Quite Hype music curator Anthony Coleman’s birthday. Birthday bashes only happen once a year so we’re going the extra mile to make this event a banging time. We've done the underground warehouse parties with 800+ people. We've done the instore release events. We tried the monthly bar parties. But now we want to bring you all something special; an intimate and fun night of dancing and special attractions including a private casino game room and tattoo parlor. Ask about these amenities that will be a special part of the Cult Classified experience. And because it's 4/20 weekend, this event is 420 coolMany thanks to the great people at NOVO Gang for helping us with this event.

To RSVP for Cult Classified simply fill out the form below and the week of the event we will email you full event information including the event’s private location in Philly (which we promise is easily accessible via public trans). Special discounted entry fee will be offered to those who arrive before 11PM:

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Stay tuned, Philadelphia. 2015 is a Cult Classic year.