First Quarter Art Show Interview #1 with MU

-Joe Pitts (@headtowall)

 MU joins us all the way from Atlanta for the first of our "Quarter" art show series

MU joins us all the way from Atlanta for the first of our "Quarter" art show series

To gear up for our First Quarter art show on March 28th in Philadelphia, we will be presenting a series of interviews with each artist displaying work at the show. We're kicking off the interview series with our very special guest straight out of Atlanta: MU. Peep his work and the interview below:

CCG: Tell us about yourself! What is your name, where are you from and how long have you been making art?

MU: My name is MU. I was born in Tallahassee Fl and grew up in Riverdale Ga. I've been making art since I was born mainly because my mother is an elementary school art teacher. 

CCG:  What made you want to express yourself through art? 

MU: It's easier than expressing myself with words. 

CCG: What is your preferred medium and what is special about that medium?

MU: Paper and pencil. I've been using paper and pencil my whole life so I'm naturally more comfortable with it. 

CCG: How do you feel your art captures the story you want to tell in life? 

MU: I try to express my own struggle through my artwork. Each piece means something to me. I might not have answered that question correctly... Fuck it. 

CCG:  How is your art a reflection of the person you are and the person you aspire to be?

MU: Idk. I drew it. It came from me. Idk. Again I might not have answered this question correctly. 

CCG: Do you feel art is a reflection of the world or the world is more influenced by art? 

MU: I feel it goes both ways. 

CCG: If somebody could describe your art as if it were a person, how would he or she look and what would her personality be like?

MU: It would look and act like me. 

CCG: By doing the inaugural First Quarter art show, what is something you hope to gain from the experience?

MU: More attention on my artwork. More money opportunities for myself. 

CCG: Okay, enough about the art. The world needs to know: you’re stranded on an island and can only bring three food items with you. What makes the cut?

MU: Watermelon, bagel chips, grits

CCG: What type of movie is your favorite and why? Pick from drama, action/adventure, science fiction, comedy, thriller or horror

MU: HORROR. I like gore. lots and lots of gore

CCG: What is one of your deepest fears?

MU: Getting burnt by a female. 

CCG: What is your opinion of Atlanta? Specifically, the creative scenes in the city (whether that be art, music, fashion or anything else creative)

MU: Atlanta's cool. I feel it's a lil harder to come up in the A unless you know the right people and or have the right co-signs 

CCG: Lastly, who was your biggest artistic influence? If you don’t have one, who is someone who aspires you to create?

MU: Whoever did the art work for invader zim. My all time favorite show. 


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