Micah Williams' Visual For "The 27 Club"

-Hani Bello (@LoveMyOpinions)

Micah Williams paid homage to his favorite legendary artist, Andy Warhol, in this short visual entitled "The 27 Club", directed by Marc E. The concept of "The 27 Club" came from a film Andy Warhol was apart of called "66 Scenes of America". In part of the film Warhol sat down and an ate a burger from Burger King in complete silence. 

In the video Micah mimicked Warhol but added his own elements into the video. Micah ate his burger and smoked his cigarettes while track produced by Mars Flowers played in the background. The song and the video differed but are similar in many ways. The record, "The 27 Club" was basically how we as humans do things that might harm us like smoke cigarettes or eat fast food, but we still do because it satisfies our every need. The video just gives us a simple visual of that. Listening to the lyrics of the song while watching the video can really make a person start thinking about how some of our daily routines are actually bad habits.