SUMMER ANTHEM: Sunny Woodz - Feel The Wave (ft. MC Tree, Supa Bwe, Marvo, & Twista) [Prod. P Flawz]

-Adam Isaac Itkoff (@adamitkoff)

The God-awful dregs of winter are finally gone, and we’re back outside to look for all things bright and scintillating. Luckily, we can feast our sun-deprived eyes on Sunny Woodz, the most known unknown springing out of Harvey, Illinois. Where? Exactly. This city of 25,000 has developed a sparkling gem in “Sunny Woodz”, whose name alone boasts the sheer delight of smoking the world’s fattest joint while strolling through floral-filled forest pastures. 

The vibration is no different; “Feel The Wave” captures the quintessential summer feeling that’s otherwise indescribable. It’s colored with wavy, washed out sounds and rests on a sing-songy chorus reminiscent of any indelible hook recently strewn by Father or iLoveMakonnen. It’s bolstered by sequential standout versus that ultimately hand the baton to Twista, who sprints to the finish line in all-star fashion. (Yes, the real Twista, I fact-checked) The track is the first single off of Sunny’s upcoming, Sunny Side Up EP and is the promise of good things to come. “Feel the Wave” is a feeling, a state of flow and ultimate expanse; the timeless, and the impossible rolled into a smooth, five-minute pull. Listen below: