No Pics Cause We Ain't Use No Phones: 'Cult Classified' Recap

-Bri Steves (@bristeves)

Think an entire cut off from the Instagram-obsessed-have-to-look-cool people for five minutes while you were transported into a night of good vibes with good people. No phone! Oh no! But to the contrary, the night was better without the use of them.

Cult Classic succeeded once again with identifying a flaw in our generation and finding a way to make a positive outcome out of it. Facilitated by one of Philly's most prominent event connects, the night was one of which you had to be there to experience it. 

Upset that you can't track the girl/guy you were creeping on through the CSI skills you picked up by recognizing the back of his head in a picture on a random girl's page that you don't even follow?

Oh well.

But if you're really in need for the details, I'll let you in on some secrets. Talented QuiteHype founder and deejay Anthony Coleman blessed the night with his set (on his birthday). Hosted by Philly's very own NOVO, drinks went around and the awkwardness only lasted 5 minutes until people were forced to talk and dance with each other.

To be honest, you couldn't have asked for a better event. The childish and detached way our generation has gone about acting suddenly seemed to fade away as the tunes of the night flowed from trap to EDM to R&B to we-don't-really-know-what-this-is-but-we-love-it. 

And we loved it. 


A party without the weird let-me-look-down-at-my-phone-so-it-can-look-like-I'm-doing-something moments. We need more of them and Cult Classic definitely kept the vibes going with the weed friendly environment at the famous loft location. With the drinks continuing the night continued to progress to growing to surpass outside of the original venue (that's right, there was so many people that we had to accommodate more than one gathering area). 

Who danced crazy? Who fell? Who came out of their shell?

Find out next time with Cult Classic's next joint. You won't want to miss an affair like this again. And if you were there... what happens at Cult Classic stays at Cult Classic. 


You know you love me,

-XoXo Gossip Bri Steves.