If You've Wondered What a Partied-out Drug-Fueled 'Coachella' Experience is Like Then Watch L!STED's 'Coachella' Visual

-Joe Pitts (@headtowall)

Coachella has turned into an initiation of sorts for those looking to enter their experiment-and-most-likely-drug-driven twenties with flare, funk and, well, whatever style it is that has become synonymous with the annual festival. Hollywood has even latched onto the pop-culture fervor associated with the event, tacking it on as the main plot vehicle for the upcoming film Dope. For an on-the-ground showcase of what it's like to bounce around the festival fueled by molly water and bong hits, look no further. Peep LA-based L!STED's 'Coachella' record and visual produced by the artist himself: