Quite Hype Presents Fit for the Rub: A 2 Part Mix

-Anthony Coleman (@quitehype)

We all struggle to find the "thing" that will give us the outlet in light we’re looking for; the thing that gives meaning and purpose to our existence. That thing is what motivates us to be live, strive and prosper. DJing for me has become the outlet I choose to share a music I want the world to hear. In an age where people feel forced to fit in and do things to keep a certain amount of appeal and appearance, I DJ from a standpoint of creating and playing based on the quality of the song alone and that’s it. I don't care if it's a big artist or a lowkey homie recording music in his living room- I play what I feel or think is hot.

I think most average listeners don't understand that music is a creative commodity that we have to cherish, nurture and support. In the Soundcloud and Youtube era of free downloads and instant at-your-fingertips streaming, we tend not to value how valuable music can be. Music has the ability to start revolutions like many national anthems with rich rebellious history or the power to guide people out of oppression (think Follow the Drinking Gourd). With that being said we should allow new artists the chance and platform to create and share the music that will be the voice of freedom for the new generation. So I DJ from that stand point alone: I play what is new and not just what is current aka the most recent major single being pushed by a multi-million dollar label; on the contrary, I want to play the new and hot music I feel is emerging as representative of our new creative golden age. Just maybe in due time some of these songs will become certified cult classics. That being said, with love, peace, and a steady heart I present my first mix, a two-part collection not simply showcasing a DJ style I want to foster but it also represents a mix to be played for the next wave of urban and dance music as we push on into the unknown future of music and dope shit.

I want to give a special mention to DJ Damage, Nadus, Ezrakh, DJ Sliink, YS The DJ, DJ Tiga, DJ Diamonkuts, DJ Buzzworthy, Gianni Lee, Mista Selecta, and all the others who have helped me learned something about changing the world through music. Free Spankmvck and shout out Gutta. Not to mention a special shout out to some of the great acts from Philadelphia I had to include in the mix because their shit is just too hot to not be on it: Lil Uzi Vert, Anyee Wright, Tierra Whack, and Theodore Grams.

Enough of my blabbering- I present to you Fit for the Rub, a 2 part Quite Hype mix that shows the merging of what could be considered new-age hip hop music of the street and emerging dance music that makes us all feel like kings of the night. Stream below now:

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Lastly, shout out to Key! and everyone else who rocked out with us this weekend. Peep the recap below: