Babylon Cartel Releases New Capsule Collection Name, Release Date and Teaser Photo

-Joe Pitts (@headtowall)

Philly-to-LA-based fashion and lifestyle brand Babylon Cartel has announced a June 23rd release date for their upcoming "Before Skin" collection. Below is an excerpt from their official blog on the upcoming release:

On June 23rd Babylon Cartel we will be releasing a brand new capsule collection called “Before Skin”

Before Skin; A physical embodiment of the purest form in living consciousness. In some cultures it is believed that this is the only way to create: naturally. We at Babylon Cartel have taken this concept and simplified it to a logo emblazoned upon the chest. Before there is skin, there is soul; traveling with us where ever we may go.

Simple. Aesthetically pleasing. Worn in every setting imaginable.
Without skin we are all the same, with that the strength of Before Skin is born.

Stay tuned to our blog for more information.

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