Our Favorite Fashion Podcasts Right Now

-Joe Pitts (@headtowall)


I've been on a tear lately looking for engaging podcasts focused on fashion and the fashion industry. Surprisingly, there are not as many I expected, but in my quest I've found some exceptional conversations on the fashion biz--some more captivating than others, but here's my three favorite right now: 

American Fashion Podcast

Fair warning: this American-centric podcast is incredibly dry, but the interviewees and knowledge base it draws from are extensive. From high fashion to trade show circuits to streetwear, this podcast has it all. For streetwear enthusiasts make sure to check out the excellent podcast with  Jeff Staple. 

Yahoo! Style Unbuttoned

This relatively new fashion-focused podcast is equal parts irreverant pop-culture fun and an honest look into the fashion world. There's only 5 episodes so far, so it should be easy to catch up. 

Ron On One

Think of Ron Moon's newish podcast as moreso a look into the lives and stories of his interviewees who primarily come from the streetwear lane. Being that streetwear culture is an important part of the Cult Classic brand (and clearly a love interest of Moon's), this candid series is our favorite fashion podcast right now. Highlights include episodes with Fresh Jive creator Rick Klotz, Ben Hundreds, Jon Buscemi, and Aaron Levant, creator of Agenda, the premier streetwear trade show series.