[New Event] The Lightning Strike Series Hits Philly This Friday Ft. Chuck Inglish & More: Interview with Host Tre Banks

-Joe Pitts (@headtowall)

I sat down with Lighning Strike series creator Tre Banks to talk about the upcoming Philly event. Peep the interview below:

Joe Pitts: Tell us about the Lightning Strike series and what you're bringing to Philly with it

Tre Banks: The Lightning Strike Series is a common experience infiltrating various markets along East Coast. It falls somewhere between a party and your favorite soundcloud song. Philly being my hometown, I wanted to make sure I stamped it with someone that inspired me just as much as growing up in this city did. 

Joe: How did you link with Chuck Inglish?

Tre: Been a major Cool Kids fan since High School, and been seeing Chuck rock a number of LA events through being a DJ. A good friend of mine DJ Alizay out of DC spins alongside Chuck, so he led me in right direction, to get the train running.

Joe: We're really intro talking and breaking new artists here at Cult Classic, so when I saw acts like Drogas and Presston are on the lineup--artists that we've covered on the blog before--I knew we had to be a part of the show series. Talk about some of the emerging talent on the lineup

Tre: Yeah, I love new and emerging energy. Especially because I see myself right beside them in my own pursuits, rather than being some type of gatekeeper type character. Drogas has been someone i've been wanting to work with for a while now, and the timing was perfect since he just turned 21 for a 21+ event haha. His presentation has always had cool vibe to it, so a situation involving Chuck seemed fitting. Presston is one of the reasons I even discovered The Cool Kids in high school, so this is like a full circle moment for us. He released a 3 track EP this week (which I hope we can get on here asap lol) , so it's good timing for his base of supporters. Nate Runnur is a new artist, but has a very cool and dope team around him. If they do what I think they can things will be big, and i'm glad to be giving him an early platform. Blakk Godz is a collective who has been on Philadelphia scene for while, and decided to come together to make individual movements stronger. Excited to see them pop out. 

The night is really about Tay Banga and DJ Vic B , because I need the party moving from start to finish. Both these guys are proven in their crowds, and I trust the vibe that will be created during the night. 

Joe: Where else is the Lightning Strike series hitting? 

Tre: #TLSseries will be in DC , NY , and Vermont also. Maybe a surprise city, but won't speak on it yet. 

Joe: Any last shout outs?

Tre: Thank you Bran and Looh for all the help making this a reality. Shoutout to the people who spread word about me creating an experience in their city before I even announced line-ups, just all off the initial flyer. That was a good feeling, and it's appreciated. Finally Thank you Joe and Cult Classic, for everything leading up to this article and including this article. Building a strong history with you guys, it's wild


The Lightning Strike series comes to Philly this Friday at Pub Webb (1527 Cecil B. Moore) from 8:30-1AM featuring Chuck Inglish (DJ set), Tay Banga, DJ Vic B, Wewantdrogas, Presston,  Nate Runner and Blakk Godz