Joe Pitts | Resume

After graduating from Temple University in Philadelphia with a B.A. in Philosophy with honors and Magnum Cum Laude distinction, I co-founded the creative lifestyle brand Cult Classic in 2012. Our brand mission is to tell creative lifestyle stories through our various networks of creative individuals including but not limited to musicians, visual artists, curators, designers, etc. We devised three branches of our company as the vehicles to share these stories: the Cult Classic Good News blog, our streetwear-inspired fashion line, and lastly, our culture events (music showcases, art exhibitions, dance parties and more). 

Some of my skills, talents and responsibilities include:

  • Creative Director
  • Brand Manager
  • Editing Manager- Good News blog
  • Writer
  • Content Production 
  • Art Director
  • Graphic Design
  • Event Curation and Management
  • Film Director/Production Designer
  • Fashion Design and Production
  • Pulse on creative culture, new trends and youth movements

This nearly five year journey has been exciting. Through the brand I have met some amazing creative individuals and have gotten the opportunity to partner with some truly progressive brands and companies. Allow me to share my story:

Our first teaser video I produced offered a glimpse into the sexy, street-style aesthetic that is the foundation of our brand's fashion line:

The "Day in the Life" visual commercial I then produced showcased the coming together of various lifestyle cultures in Philly from skaters to hip-hop artists to designers:

Our first event: Cult Classic's launch party in Summer 2012 (flyer below). A max capacity crowd (400+) partied with us to usher in a new generation of Philly's creative class with Cult Classic at the forefront of this movement


Here is a potpourri of some of my favorite photoshoots and product shots from those early Cult Classic product releases:

We built our brand on genuine engagement with our creative community. Under that philosophy, events and their visual and aesthetic execution became an important part of that story:

The End of the World Party celebrated what the Mayan calandar deemed to be the 'End of the World' on December 21st, 2012. Nearly 1000 brand patrons joined us for an unforgettable night. 

We followed that up with a series of truly memorable underground dance parties at the venue we created and managed Verre in Philadelphia:

As brand awareness continued to go, so did our clothing collection:

Eventually we took our talents to Atlanta to partner with A3C, the world's largest Hip-Hop Festival & Conference:

While at A3C, we connected with Two-9 before they signed to Eardrummers Records (they are now label mates with Rae Sremmurd). We utilized them for our visual commercial that year which I produced and co-art directed:

I continued to improve my graphic design, art and creative direction crafts in addition to forging new strategic partnerships with other brands and companies:

At the same time, we developed a new show series called Three for 3 under our Quite Hype record label LLC. This show series features new music talent as a platform to showcase them to our community. This series of shows included many sell-out nights:

The series culminated in my first collaborative venture with Reebok Classic, a relationship that would continue to grow. I continued to serve as producer/production designer for all of our visual recaps including this recap:

Here is a teaser for a pilot we shot in 2014 for an as-yet unaired culture program called BIND

Shortly after, pictured here is a couple of shots from one of my favorite shoots I art directed for our collaboration collection with UK streetwear brand Biffo Co:

I got the opportunity to help manage my friend Dessie Jackson's sold-out debut art show and produce this recap video for it. Dessie is an amazing artist who just moved to LA to start the next chapter in her career: 

We continue to organize successful underground parties and produce visual content from them:

For our next fashion collection Black Like Water we utilized our influence to tell stories of Race & Justice issues in America, a perennial issue of our time. First we rolled out a mysterious campaign with a model in black water to increase exposure and generate interest in the collection:

Then we debuted the following "low-fi" teaser visual for the collection I shot and directed:

Finally, we debuted the collection seen below:

The event series we did for the collection launch was similarly well-received. We had successful events in NYC, Philadelphia and Atlanta. I designed these flyers for the events:

The Source Magazine asked us to showcase our Black Like Water collection at their Source 360 Festival in New York: 

As the presence of our blog began to grow (which I served as head writer and editing manager for), I started to freelance write. My bylines include: Vice/Noisey,, The Source, The Influence and more. One of my favorite piece's I wrote was for Noisey and is pictured below (just the intro). The full feature can be read here. I feel this article exemplifies my pulse on culture, community and trends. Nearly all of the artists mentioned in this feature have grown their careers exponentially since the article's publication: 

I continued to improve my graphic design and art direction prowess. I either designed all of these myself or served as art director. Many of these events I also served as event manager and lead coordinator. For the new Silk City Thursdays ( a monthly dance party series in Philadelphia), I creatively directed the campaign:

My partnerships have continued to grow. Below is a visual I directed for Reebok Classic during my time at SXSW this year. Reebok utilizes this visual for account acquisition to showcase the burgeoning creative class's support of the brand. This is one of my favorite projects I have worked on:

While at SXSW (where we hosted an official show), I designed a "DIY/punk-style" zine showcasing the talent on our lineup: 

At SXSW I also devised and orchestrated a "guerrilla" influencer marketing campaign for Reebok where I asked multimedia artist Gianni Lee to paint a pair of Reeboks and give them away. But I wanted to take the "giveaway" concept a step further and encourage fan participation and social media engagement. Once he completed painting the sneakers, we hid them in downtown Austin during the festival and utilized social media to make followers aware of the free prize. And then hunt was on. Follow the story via the interactions on Instagram below:

And we have a winner! What a cool writeup:

Below are some more recap videos from some of our events:

Here is me at SXSW doing additional brand influencer/seeding work for Reebok. So many sneakers, so little time:

On this journey I have gained valuable experience in creative brand strategy, marketing and advertising and have learned how to maximize efficiency in a group setting stressing teamwork and communication. Some of the partners, brands and companies I have worked with include:

  • Cult Classic Goods
  • Quite Hype Records
  • Reebok Classic
  • VICE/Noisey
  • Extra Extra Creative (A division of Paper Mag)
  • Def Jam Recordings/Universal
  • Mitchell & Ness
  • 10Deep
  • Babylon Cartel
  • A3C Festival
  • SXSW Festival
  • This is Hardcore Festival
  • The Source
  • Depop
  • REC Philly
  • The Decades
  • Divine Lorraine Hotel
  • "What a Time" Party Series (SXSW/Miami Art Basel)
  • Silk City
  • Philadelphia Police Department
  • ATF
  • Temple University
  • Eclectic Spark
  • Identity Ink
  • YSKSK Films
  • Hot Actiion NYC
  • Open Space PHL
  • Thread NJ
  • Actual Records
  • Veli Brand
  • Bombay Knox
  • The Influence
  • Dimas Consulting
  • Biffo UK